“Sometimes, it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom.

– Nelson Mandela

The Spark Progress Initiative™ was founded in March 2020 with two goals in mind: 1) Progressing the world towards a better future, and 2) Inspiring + enabling change on a global scale.

We at the Spark Progress Initiative™ have slowly come to realize that many things need to change in order to build a society that works for everyone. While many tenets of societal change must occur for our generations to collectively take lead, an inward look is also warranted! Facets of our demeanor, how we approach sustainability, how we approach corporate organizations, how we approach government, and perhaps most importantly, how we approach each other must change if we are going to become the leaders of tomorrow, and stewards of the future. Enter: The Spark Progress Initiative™.

The Spark Progress Initiative™ is committed to ensuring that the young people of today are prepared, well-equipped, and ready to face the challenges that lie ahead for our society. In the coming years, society will place heavy premiums on, and will be in dire need of: Committed citizens, artists, doctors, engineers, lawyers, scientists, nurses, teachers, etc. – and we’ll be facing issues new crises that will require our collective leadership to tackle. These issues include: Crises of political leadership, crises of business leadership, climate change, world hunger, and general sustainability issues.

I hope that our young generation can collectively come together, embrace the gravity of our duties, and take charge as we move society forward.

We always like to ask ourselves: “If not us, then who?”

The Spark Progress Initiative™ was founded by an MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) graduate and seasoned leader in the energy, & finance spaces. 

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